Dr. Jodi Michaels Implants Nuvella for OAB – The First in the Country

Dr. Jodi Michaels successfully implanted a new device, called Nuvella, designed to treat overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary urge incontinence (UUI).  Nuvella is undergoing clinical trials and Minnesota Urology, along with Dr. Michaels, supports research and innovation to help patients get better, more effective treatments. This device is now the smallest sacral neuromodulation implant and clinical trials will help ensure that it becomes available across the country.

About Nuvella: Nuvella is an ultra-miniature implantable device that delivers electrical impulses to the sacral nerve. For patients with OAB and UUI, stimulation of the sacral nerve helps keep the bladder from spasming and contracting when it shouldn’t.  Neuromodulation is known to be an effective treatment for OAB, but since this device is smaller, it will offer a better cosmetic outcome for the patient. It also creates more flexibility for the physician to implant it.

Source: Full Release


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