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At Minnesota Urology, our team of men’s health providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of urology conditions that affect men.

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We take men’s health seriously at Minnesota Urology. Our team of urology providers are leaders in the field of men’s urologic health. We offer both diagnosis and comprehensive treatment options in a coordinated, collaborative manner, fitting solutions to your unique needs.

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Minnesota Urology has a team of urologists with years of experience helping men of all ages with urinary issues. We provide diagnosis and treatments for all male urologic conditions, including vasectomies, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, hematuria, and more. Learn more about our urologists here.

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Innovation Spotlight

Patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms are finding relief with the minimally invasive UroLift® System. This system holds up enlarged prostate tissue so it does not block the urethra. It’s this blockage that causes symptoms. We perform this procedure in our office using local anesthesia, and patients return home the same day.  

Patient Testimonial Had prostate cancer and had my prostate removed by the daVinci method. Dr. Hanson is the best with fantastic communication skills and help in making the right decisions.

- Ron J.

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