A Unique Treatment for OAB: eCoin

There are many treatment options to choose from when it comes to managing the distressing symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) and urge incontinence. Minnesota Urology is proud to offer the first FDA-approved implantable device for tibial nerve stimulation, which provides a unique solution for treating OAB.  


What is OAB?

In overactive bladder (OAB), nerves that control the bladder muscles fire when they shouldn’t. This leads to a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate. If you aren’t near a restroom at the time, it can cause urinary leakage or accidents.  Healthy bladder nerves only tell the muscles to contract when you want them to. One way to treat OAB is by resetting the nerves so that they behave normally again. 


eCoin for Overactive Bladder

eCoin is a type of tibial nerve stimulation or neuromodulation therapy. An electrode sends a signal through the tibial nerve near the ankle, which travels up to the sacral nerve. The sacral nerve is the main nerve that controls the bladder. The electrical impulses help to reset the sacral nerve. eCoin is a small device permanently implanted in the inner ankle to stimulate the tibial nerve at regular intervals.  

How eCoin Works

The eCoin device, about the size of a quarter, is implanted using local anesthesia under the skin of the calf. No wires are necessary, and the device sends electrical impulses on a fixed schedule. 

The device will last for 3 years on average, then can easily be replaced. 

Benefits of eCoin

eCoin offers several advantages over other types of OAB treatments. These include:

  1. Minimally Invasive: The eCoin device requires a small incision, which heals more quickly. 
  2. Implanted with Local Anesthesia: The device can be implanted with local anesthesia, which is safer than general anesthesia. 
  3. Effective: Most patients report significant improvement in their symptoms in the first few weeks after activation.  
  4. Quick Recovery: Because the implant is the size of a quarter, recovery is faster than other surgeries. 

Physicians Currently Providing eCoin Therapy

  • Dr. Michael Ehlert – For more information about or to schedule an appointment, please call 51-999-6800.
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